Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Subset of files for Drumkit From Hell Superior and C&V

Toontrack is definitely my long-time favorite, speaking of quality and interface of their sample libraries. I've been using Drumkit From Hell Superior, Custom & Vintage, EZdrummer and Superior 2. All are stunning audio performance and a pleasure to work with (yet casually lagging on huge projects). But there is one problem: the size of original DFH Superior is nearly 35 Gigabytes of samples. And if you add Custom & Vintage with 35 Gigs more...

To save my HDD space I wrote this little program which makes a separate copy of samples used. I don't ever use rods, brushes, mallets, so I can get rid of them. But what's more important: I can load a drumkit file and save to a separate folder (and then replace the original destination) those samples which are used for this kit. Not very flexible afterwards, of course, but if I feel I've compiled a dream kit, it works for me. And hopefully for others, experiencing the same HDD capacity issues ;-) And it's only 500 KB - supsubset1.0

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