Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nick Crow 8505 Lead

I am very proud to co-announce the release of Nick Crow's 8505 Lead (make a wiiiild guess what it's been modelled after and modded) amp sim. Download it from Nick's page. There is also a non-SSE2 version available for legacy CPUs.


  1. Hi man! you're doing an amazing job to these plugins. it's the first time i'm coming to your site and im already a fan. your GUIs are sincerely works of art. i got your blog's link while checking Nick Crow's. Have you tried the Antress plugins? i think you could be doing a good job on these, as i do find these plugins having very good audio quality but i think the GUIs could be more inspiring... Another amazing free vst amp simulator is the Ndzeit Dirthead, which has one of the most usable ultra high-gain distortion i've ever heard, but still you could check it out and if you like it you could rework the gui...

  2. Dude your work is stunning and I'd love to see a Mesa Dual Rectifier, Krank Revolution, and/or an Ampeg VL-1002!

  3. thanks for your comments and tips ;-), guys !
    well, I would also like to see Rectos, Kranks, Hughes&Kettners, and, if someone does the coding, I'd come with skins ;-)