Sunday, February 28, 2010

Floyd trem mods

A couple of neat mods to floyd rose equipped guitars - Ibanez Edge Pro arm torque and Schaller SureClaw replacement for conventional spring claw.


You might also like the article about tremolo stabilization tools.


  1. nice post! I used to use PTFE pipe sealing tape to stop rattles.

    That Schaller trem adjuster looks good if you change string gauges a lot or like to do a lot of tweaking :)

  2. oh yeah. actually tuning from E standard to, say, drop D is a breeze, too

  3. I like that Sureclaw! Great tips mate thanks!

  4. You can remove the spring claw screws and replace them with studs. A brass nut on either side of the claw helps sustain resonance and tonal quality and the bridge is infinitely adjustable. I'm coming up with a new system soon to anchor the spring claw...