Friday, December 12, 2008

Juicy GUI Wrapper

Here is one more VST plugin I've skinned. It is Juicy77 from BTE Audio. It actually has a skin of its own, yes, but it doesn't really look like (probably) the purple Soldano SP-77 (II) that it has been modelled after. But this wrapped GUI tries to look like rackmount SLO 100, also all in purple. Download Juicy.GUI.Wrapper.rar (6,5 MB), a GUI shell that wraps the Juicy77.dll of BTE Audio. Check out also the GUI wrapper of their TSS.


  1. Man... great job skinning this great plug. Just a question: why when I open the VST inside Reaper, the skin isin't like the photo ? do you have the Juicy with the skin in the photo ? If you do, please, send me: . Keep on the good work !

  2. never mind... I just got it...:D

  3. As I understand it is v1 of the plug that is wrapped. Bogac at BTE told me in an e-mail that I could probably swap the dll in the sub-folder for the v2 version, but I'm not so sure. I mean, it's not just that the dll is wrapped, but the wrapper actually contains the dll and if you only copy the wrapper dll to the vstplugins folder, the subfolder and core dll is created automatically when the plugin is called from the host.

    I need to know for two reasons; a) the wrapper gui is of course easier on the eye and b) more importantly, the wrapper can handle a stereo signal, while the unwrapped original cannot. Since I use this plugin followed by an ambient cab simulation, the sound gets very crippled if restricted to mono. At the same time I woudl of course want to benefit from the refinements in v2.

    Please advise.

  4. it's possible that the Juicy Wrapper isn't compatible with win 8?
    greetings Tom

  5. I can't download this,please give a normal link