Thursday, December 11, 2008

TSS GUI Wrapper

TubeScreamer's Secret from BTE Audio has a GUI of its own, but it kinda doesn't really show what an actual beast this three-knob unit is, so this GUI wrap was an attempt to visualize it, dressing it into Ibanez TS-9 style casing. I've never owned tube screamers hardware stomps, but if this is what they sound like... I might be going for one. Download TSS.GUI.Wrapper.rar (6 MB) a GUI shell that wraps the TSS.dll of BTE Audio.
stereo update: TSS.GUI.Wrapper[stereo].rar (3 MB)

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  1. huge fan of this blog
    this looks amazing!
    thanks requietus (I check it every day, ARIBAI)